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Sign Maintenance

Once your signage is installed, you will want to keep it in working order. Thought our signs are very durable damage or instances when routine maintenance is necessary will occur. Whether a light diode burns out, an object damages the sign or the ravages of time take their toll, we can restore your sign to its original spendor.



Structural Sign Design

Newtech Inc.'s team of signage experts ensure that every sign and product that we manufacture is made with quality materials to project a sense of beauty and stability of your brand for years to come. We produce structural design plans, production-ready graphics and a full materials list, so that your sign meets the custom specifications that you (our client) has dictated. We advise throughout the process and welcome feedback to ensure your satisfaction.




Not only does Newtech Inc. produce signs, but we also install the signs. From the inception of the project our team considers the critical factors associated with fulfillment, such as location, wind load, electrical requirements and viewing profile. This is done to ensure the safely secured onto its housing, so that it does not pose a danger to persons within proximity. We also make sure that your sign's message is free of obstacles and easy to view.



Project Consultation

Exterior signs commonly require compliance with building codes. Newtech Inc. can perform “code” research for you to ensure that your desired sign meets the specifications for island. It is best that this is done when the sign is in the early concept-design phase, so that you save valuable time and money.

Another aspect of our signage consultation service is ensure that your sign stands out based on the environment and can be easily seen from multiple approach points, by vehicular and pedestrian traffic; depending on your desired target audience. We ensure that the size, colours, material choice, able to withstand the elements, and lighting are all correct. To add another layer of certainty our trained staff can conduct a survey to understand the impact that a sign may have on your property, both for governmental regulations, as well as consumer attractiveness. You can rest assured that your sign will not only be well engineered, but also beautiful, while surpassing the highest building specifications.



Project Coordination

We take your signage project needs from concept through to completion. Sometimes this requires coordination between more than one company, as you may wish to have your sign designed elsewhere for Newtech Inc. to fabricate; or you may wish to have it shipped overseas for another branch of your business for installation. We take care of everything for you.



Installation & Removal

Many people may not be aware that a quote on a sign sometimes does not include installation. At Newtech Inc. we understand that your sign is only effective if it is installed correct the first time, so every quote that we give includes installation. We also help you maintain your signs so that they look beautiful for years to come. From time to time however, business needs and names change, therefore we also remove signs from properties, if you make a change and need a new sign or if a tenant relocates and as a landlord you need their sign removed.



Vehicle Preparation

From one car owner-operated businesses to large fleets, Newtech Inc. can prepare your vehicle for wrapping or spot signage. Our process protects the underlying paint surface, so that it remains in the condition that it was when the vehicle was first turned over to our trained technicians. In this way when you want the signage removed, you vehicle will be as if it was never wrapped at all. We are a perfect option for leased vehicles, which have to be returned undamaged.



Large Format Printing

Newtech Inc. produces some of the highest quality large format prints, in the shortest turn around times on the island. We can handle your job no matter the size. Check some of our previous projects to get a feel for the scope that we have handled in the past.